Urban Pioneer Tea

Urban Pioneers are peeps that see something they don't like in this world, and work hard to change it. There are Urban Pioneers everywhere. We saw tea getting kicked to the curb way too often. So we said "ENOUGH!"

We were born from the passion to change the tea culture in the world. We're pretty crazy about tea. Tea got this weird stigma of being elitist, or only for certain types of people. We say screw that! Tea is amazing. And tea should be for everyone.

That's why we stock a wide range of flavors. If you haven't liked tea before, then you just haven't found the right blend for you. We have a lot of blends for you to try, and we're adding more all the time.

We don't want to just be another company trying to sell you stuff. We want to explore how Urban Pioneers everywhere are helping to change our culture, and the world. We want to explore and highlight Urban Pioneers in every country. That's why we plan to eventually take our brand international. Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. We want to be in the heart of it all, and share it all with you.

So this is your invitation to join us on this journey. Check our blog. Write to us. Tell us about cool things in your area. And enjoy some tea with us along the way.